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Founded in 2008, SucculentCity has existed to further the understanding and appreciation of succulent plants. Striving to be the best resource for understanding all aspects of succulent plants, we are also committed to bringing awareness to the destruction of wild habitats.

The Mission

If you love succulent plants, then you are going to love - we aim to put scientifically based knowledge in the hands of gardeners and enthusiasts. There are many sources of information for succulent plants on the web but not all of them are correct or actively maintained. Working as an archive on the web, is working to aid research and further understanding of succulent plants, worldwide.

  • To provide accurate, scientifically-based information about succulent plants.
  • To curate vivid, high-quality plant photography.
  • To serve as a resource for plant research.
  • To highlight the role of succulent plants in nature.
  • To create a guide for gardeners and growers of succulent plants.

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